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The Pea Pods Process

Starting a Pea Pods home starts with an interview!


Pea Pod Interview

An application with a  rigorous process to determine you’re a good fit. This includes evaluation of personal and professional characteristics, background checks, drug tests etc. This is all to ensure the best quality of care for the children.Pea Pods contract  Process for Peapods Childcare Providers

Pea Pod Contract

A Contract will outline expectations for the working relationship between your operations as a licensed childcare provider and Pea Pods Family Care Homes. State Licensing overview with pea pods child care providers

State Licensing (Overview)

Enrollment into 4 courses (15 hour pre-licensing course, CPR/First Aid, Universal Precautions, Medication Administration)

The State of Colorado implements background checks and home evaluations which sometimes lead to expensive home modifications. Pea Pods will help with this process and can offer short term loans if needed. An initial license will allow for up to 6 children in your home “including your own”. There are special infant & toddler rules.

Pea Pods fills your home with children!

 Pea pods will help train each provider with pea pods child care homes

Pea Pod Training

Pea Pods will conduct training of the online platform available to manage important documents. Along with face-to-face interactions with our administrative staff, this is the primary communication with the Pea Pods Network.Pea Pods fills your home with children!

Filling Your Home with Children

This is the FUN part. Pea Pods will support the business side of your Family Care Home as you increase the quality of care given to children. Pea Pods marketing and scheduling staff will work with you hand in hand to achieve the desired  number of children in your home.How the providers get paid securely through Pea Pods Child Care Homes


Pea Pods will charge parents for care directly through the online platform. Providers will be compensated based on attendance in the home approximately 85% of the childrens tuition. This allows for a reliable source of income, without having to track down payments from parents. Pea Pods will maintain adequate files in order for your business to qualify for all grants and subsidies. Food Subsidies are available for Family Care Homes.Pea Pods fills your home with children! Pea Pods Child Care Homes follow the Best business practices

Best Business Practices

Pea Pods assists in maintaining state regulation files for all children via the online platform. Pea Pods staff will continuously monitor your Family Child Care Home for quality of care. Pea Pods implements curriculum for children in the homes in order to be the best in industry.Pea Pods providers are constantly continueing their training and education 

Professional Development

In order to offer great quality, Pea Pods will require further training and education options to improve quality as a Family Child Care Home and to comply with State Regulations.Pea Pods continues a helping hands relationship with their providers

Business Growth

Pea Pods will continuously work to improve business practices and earn your home the highest quality ratings. Pea Pods will help you maintain high ratings and grow as a quality childcare provider. Your family care home will be known for high quality and together with other Pea Pod Homes earn recognition throughout the community. 

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