Pea Pod Home Benefits

Together, we are Stronger!

f5a6a2_7e1b1a6ba510400db2f21593e001faa4Pea Pods takes care of the administrative  aspect of running a family child care home so our providers can wholeheartedly distribute high-quality care for children and families.

There are different types of childcare offered for infants thru about 6 years old. Even though with options such as pre schools, home schools, care centers, and Family day cares, there is still a huge need in the Southwest for quality childcare. One of these types of childcare mentioned is what’s called a Family Care Home.

These home day cares are licensed with the state to offer childcare and operate a small business from home. We think that if we want to bring more childcare to the area, Family Care Homes are the most viable solution. Though the process to become a Home Provider and continue operations is a big challenge and takes a very special woman/family to do everything on their own.

Pea Pods will guide families through state licensing to begin their new career as a provider. When they’ve acquired their license, they will be included in a network of family child care homes working together to strengthen both the quality and fiscal stability of their programs.

Pea Pods provide quality support, administrative services, comprehensive child development, and family resources. This enables our providers to focus on their core business of delivering high-quality services to children and families.